Mary Collins, Agent C

Opened March 5, 1984

Mary Collins Agency (Opened March 5, 1984)

Over 26 years ago, Dallas talent agent Mary Collins began a new mission – creating the region’s only specialized broadcast/film talent agency. Her identity then was “Mary Collins, Agent C” – she wanted to show that her agency was going to be different, and she did. Unlike other agencies that represent clients with varying levels of expertise and experience, or those that also represent children, background actors (extras), and beginning talent, Collins confined her efforts solely to performers who had already established and proven themselves. Her credibility with ad agencies, production companies and recording studios came from her prior experience as an ad agency producer and casting director, followed by her time spent as Broadcast Talent director at two top Dallas talent agencies. As quoted in her opening announcement press release, “I want to represent the 20 percent of the actors that generate 80 percent of the income.” By her second year in business, she was on computer; a very early adopter for talent agents, and by 1987 had supervised the development of the first of two custom databases on the new computer known as the “Macintosh!”

1988 – 1999

Mary Collins Agency (1988-1999)

After first having established herself as the agent for experienced “radio, TV and film” talent, by the early ’90s Collins had earned the reputation as the city’s premier actor’s agent. She changed her logo to better represent her clientele and the services provided to ad agencies, businesses, recording studios, production companies, casting directors, free-lance producers and commercial print photographers. Her business had since grown beyond local and regional work to national and network projects; her first audio and video demos went digital, as did her business. She was one of the first agents in the country to offer digital voice auditions from her state-of-the-art studio. And, after ten years in business, Collins worked with her programmer again to develop a newer, totally proprietary database for booking talent, tracking their schedules, abilities and product conflicts, and processing and managing their talent payments.

1999 – 2010

Mary Collins Agency (1999-2010)

At the Millennium, the Agency launched its first website with a “2001” theme, appropriate considering the web was still considered a fairly new platform at that time for promoting legitimate talent. Again, the Agency was an early adopter with a web presence of their own, choosing that over asking their talent to invest in new, unproven on-line talent services. Throughout the decade, the Agency continued to maintain their quality talent standards by providing the most knowledgeable and experienced representation to actors, and unparalleled experience and service to their clients. After yet another website version launched in the mid-2000s, the Agency was firmly established nationally as the agency for serious, career actors in the Southwest.

2010 and beyond.

Mary Collins Agency (2010 and beyond)

The Agency is proud to present our new streamlined brand identity, and our groundbreaking, interactive website built to meet the growing needs of both our clients and actors. Loaded with new features and conveniences that are all built on a base of expandable technology, our new site provides a foundation for expanded interactivity and communication capabilities well into the future.