Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do you represent?
    The Mary Collins Agency only represents performers who are established professionals in the areas of radio, television, film, and commercial print.


  2. How can I be considered for representation
    by The Mary Collins Agency?
    To be considered for representation, please mail us your 8×10 professional headshot, resume, and edited video. If you are interested in doing voice work, also include an edited audio demo. If you are a media professional, please submit your promotional materials along with video of your work. Be sure to mention the name of the person who referred you.
    Please mail submissions to:

    The Mary Collins Agency
    2909 Cole Avenue, Suite 250
    Dallas, Texas 75204

    Please remember to include your mailing address, all telephone numbers and email.


  3. I’m an out of town voice actor and have an ISDN studio in my home. Can you represent me?
    At this time, we only represent actors based in the DFW area, unless they began with us and are currently living in another market.


  4. Do you only represent union members?
    We are a SAG & AFTRA franchised agency. Because Texas is a Right-to-Work state and union membership is elective, we represent both members and non-members alike. Visit the union web sites at and


  5. Is there a charge for representation?
    No, The Mary Collins agency does not charge for representation.


  6. Why don’t you have a rate card?
    There are different sets of rates for each type of performance. Each job is unique and is based on a certain set of parameters such as the medium, usage, type, length of use, markets, etc. If you would like a rate, please call the agency for a quote.


  7. How long does it take for my submission to be considered? Do you contact me after I submit?
    We receive numerous submissions a day, so it does take a few weeks for us to consider your submission. If we are interested, we will contact you for further information or to set up an interview.


  8. I submitted a photo and resume some time ago and was told to re-submit at a later time. How long should I wait?
    Wait at least six months to a year, but only if your resume reflects additional credits.


  9. Are you licensed?
    Yes, we are licensed by the state of Texas. Our license no. is TALAGY00000123.


  10. Why can’t I tell which talent is union or non?
    In Texas, it is against the Right-to-Work laws to discriminate based on union affiliation.


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2909 Cole Ave Suite 250
Dallas, Texas 75204

Main: (214) 871-8900

Fax: (214) 871-8945